Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a system that allows to evaluate the customer service and other stores’ characteristics for the store management. This is how the mystery shopping process works. First, the store management hires some company that specializes in mystery shopping to evaluate their customer service. The mystery shopping company, in turn, hires people who will shop is some store or stores, purchase different items and pay close attention to customer service and customer service representatives.

After the shopping is done, the people hired by the mystery shopping company fill out some type of evaluation form that evaluates the customer services and some specific store characteristics. The finial report is then submitted to the store management, which can be used either to improve some aspects of customer service or to offer incentives to the best employees. Mystery shopping is also often done for the different online stores to evaluate the online shopping experience.

The companies that specialize in mystery shopping usually do not have full-time employees to do the mystery shopping and in many cases hire other people on a project or case-by-case basis. Most of the time this is advertised online and the whole recruitment process is performed online through the mystery shopping company website.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in some type of the mystery shopping program and earn some additional income, the advice is to do the search online, visit different mystery shopping websites and select the programs that are offered in your location, are more convenient for you and pay the most for each mystery shopping visit. The mystery shopping evaluation part is significantly simplified is you are able to do the evaluation online through the company website. In the best case scenario, you will receive the mystery shopping assignment online, do the shopping and then submit the review online.