Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shoes Avenue

Shoes Avenue is an online store that offers its clients to purchase various designer shoes at very competitive prices. You can purchase designer shoe products from such designers as Gucci, Hogan, Prada, Camper and others. Both men’s shoes and women’s shoes are available for sale at Shoes Avenue. Free second day shipping is offered on online Shoes Avenue orders that are more them $99. Different discounts and price savings are provided to Shoes Avenue customers. Many shoe items, for example, are listed at a price that is discounted by up to 60% from the original Shoes Avenue price.

Shoes Avenue is a part of Raffaello Network that offers other products in addition to shoes. These products include ties, clothes, sunglasses, wallets, various accessories and much more. When Shoes Avenue customers select a pair of shoes that they would like to purchase, they are taken to the Raffaello Network website item page. Shoes Avenue customers have the ability to view the item’s description and different item features (style (i.e. Oxford), closure (i.e. laced closure), toe type (i.e. round toe), fabric type, and country of production) before making the final purchase. The large picture view of the item is also available for viewing.

The Shoes Avenue order can be placed with the credit card through the Raffaello Network secure ordering and payment system or by calling a toll-free phone number and placing an order by phone. Both the Shoes Avenue and Raffaello Network websites are certified as secure websites by VeriSign. Shoes Avenue orders can be placed not only in United Stated but also from different countries worldwide. This list of countries includes but is not limited to Germany, Japan, France, United Kingdom, and many others. Customers are offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All products are fully guaranteed against any flaws and defects and loss through shipping.